Classic Steel

Classic Steel 131: 1984 Kawasaki KX250

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  1. Road peanut Louises 84 KX 250 in the pits at muddy Creek. looped it out broke the rear fender off. 44 bucks for a new one. That was a fortune at the time. Peanut was a great guy and didn’t make me pay for it ! I was racing a KDX 420 at the time and thought the 250 was heavenly in comparison

  2. I have the same base style kx250. But 1983 close to 50hp. And still untouchable today. When I race or mess with my friends new bikes. I love it. 16 years and I will never sell this bike the power is insane and I’ve rode raced Kawasaki and Suzuki for last 30 years. They did detune the 84 though. Because of the power hit for amateurs but the rear fender style you love or hate. I love it!

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