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Classic Steel 131: 1984 Kawasaki KX250

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  1. Road peanut Louises 84 KX 250 in the pits at muddy Creek. looped it out broke the rear fender off. 44 bucks for a new one. That was a fortune at the time. Peanut was a great guy and didn’t make me pay for it ! I was racing a KDX 420 at the time and thought the 250 was heavenly in comparison

  2. I have the same base style kx250. But 1983 close to 50hp. And still untouchable today. When I race or mess with my friends new bikes. I love it. 16 years and I will never sell this bike the power is insane and I’ve rode raced Kawasaki and Suzuki for last 30 years. They did detune the 84 though. Because of the power hit for amateurs but the rear fender style you love or hate. I love it!

  3. Excellent article, a friend of mine owned one of these in ’95 which he bought as a cheap play bike and one of its more alarming habits was to jump into 1st gear by itself when being revved in neutral. Not what you want from a MX bike if you value your health.

    Also one of the fork sliders had been clamped in a bench vise and crushed by the previous owner who helpfully left plenty of mud in that general area when offering the bike for sale; any more than half travel and they’d stick! We ordered a set from a MX used parts warehouse and when they arrived they were completely different to the forks on the bike so the guy offered to match them up; eventually it was discovered the front end was from an ’88 CR125.

    The final insult was stripping the engine to find that the conrod was kinked in the middle from someone trying to start it when it was flooded with fuel and hydraulically locked. After replacing the forks and rebuilding the engine he tried to sell it and the kickstart snapped when a potential buyer was viewing it. I think he just dug a hole and buried it in the end, very funny now but at the time it even affected me even though it wasn’t mine. Shame I don’t have any pics as you haven’t done a Mutants of Moto article in a while!!

  4. Dear Editor;
    Please know of how much a joy it is to read these Classic Steel articles. It’s quite a memory-jogger in reading these articles and reliving these old bikes, especially if you had experience with such said bike.

    Oh boy, don’t know what drove me to have my single Mom and I go out and purchase such a dreadful bike with scarce resources. I question my sanity as a 15 year old choosing an 84’ KX 250 instead of the CR or YZ. I think a 200 Cagiva could have been just as competitive. I was a rare bread showing up on the starting line in the 250 class wearing green.

    I had a 83’ KX250 that fortunately didn’t kill me as a 14 year old. I loved the gold and green look. That 83’ was soooo fast – I would get the hole shot by 10 feet and crash in the first corner because that beast was only 40” tall and wouldn’t turn.

    If you survived riding those bikes, it probably made you a better rider when the bikes became better a few years later ie better forks, shocks, power, brakes, styling…..

    Thanks again Editor for the great articles for us old timers that enjoy remembering the past. It does us good.

  5. Great story, gotta love the early years of MX. Still ride my 82 250YZ once in awhile for the good memories it brings to mind. Anyways, great job.

  6. I have an 83 kx250 and an 84 kx 125 . I’m 48 now but when I was about 14 I got my dad to buy me a used 1984 kx 125 2 year old race bike. And t was the so fast . That I had to get another. Also my neighbor when I had my first 84kx 125 had an 83 kx 250 so not of these bike’s bring back a lot of memories from the mid t late 80s. Time of my life. then and now riding them old KX’s .

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