DV on… Musquin Left off France MXDN

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  1. Bummer for you guys DV ..honestly!!…Was looking forward to watching Marv kick ass!!! Now your team is done…Dylan can’t ride all 3 moto’s lol.

  2. DV you were good in 2000, but so were all of your fellow French riders: Tortelli was more successful that outdoor season in the US and ended up winning top individual overall at the MXDN event. Roncada was within 2 points of the 125 US MX title and won 4 nationals, Frederic Bolley won the 250 world championship for a second consecutive season with 6 GP wins, and Mickael Pichon was 2nd in the 250 world MX with 3 GP wins.

    A little bit of revisionist history to claim that you were “snubbed”.

  3. Dude who cares, Herlings is going to get 1-1 and it’s going to come down to consitency with other teams. On this level, it does not matter if you know or have raced a track more than others. Good choice by France.

  4. hey finnish guy thats just stupid ,marv is way better then palin at the moment ,the french won with marv ,marv also won red bud this yr he smoked the rest of the guys ,there is no reason not to pick him he is winning overalls also ,is Paulin hell no ,,is Romain NO ! STUPID PICK FOR SURE FRANCE

  5. These comments and DV’s words are fun to read in hinesight..

    France can pick a Dakar rider, a golfer and JMB and still win MXDN 😛

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