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DV On…Ironman MX

Photos by Rich Sheppard Let’s start with Barcia. He told me after the race that for some reason he rides the bike a gear higher in the mud and he feels fine in the wet stuff. What a day for him …

DV on…Unadilla MX

Photos by Rich Sheppard Ok it was a mudder- you won more than a few of these so how do you ride fast in that stuff? There’s no secret about being competitive in the mud. First, you have to be in the s…

DV on…Washougal MX

Photos by Rich Sheppard Did you like Washougal? Lots of riders don’t- how do you ride it properly and do you have a favorite Washougal story? I loved Washougal… until I actually rode the track. Looks …

DV on…RedBud MX

Photos by Rich Sheppard Ok, when was the last time you were at Redbud and what did you think of your experience this time around…from the track to the atmosphere to what’s changed since you were last …

DV on…Southwick

Photos by Rich Sheppard How do you ride sand? There is no big secret to perform in the sand. First you have to change your bike setup a bit. No need to drastically change your bike for Southwick but a…

DV on…Muddy Creek

Photos by Rich Sheppard We’ll start again with your guy Dylan Ferrandis who had a so-so first moto but took a second moto win when Alex Martin crashed late. Great job by him and by the team as well. Y…

DV on High Point MX

Photos by Rich Sheppard Rutty and tough track, the old High Point is barely recognizable nowadays and not all the changes are good in my opinion. What did you think of the track that you were at for t…

DV on…Lakewood MX

Photos by Rich Sheppard Lakewood is a sneaky tough track with the ruts that harden up later in the motos and it gets plenty rough, what do you think of the track? The track is always challenging in La…

DV on Hangtown MX

Photos by Rich Sheppard Track wasn’t ripped as deep as usual, most racers say it was much harder than ever before. Therefore braking bumps got choppier, what did you think of the track? I might be bia…


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