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  1. Thank you sir for your column and great insight…..So pumped for Barcia! And his ride….What did I see??? Same rider in mud.Yes a gear higher.( if your from the east coast that’s lesson #1 )….now it will get a bit long….I’m old and love my two strokes!!! Over rev no problem!!!!! That being said ..I have raced a season off road in the woods on a Trax 450 (yes quads) fu…….I’m old……anyhow….I ride it like a two stroke and all is great!!! Until breaking bumps!!!! Holyshit I’m going to die!!!!!Straight down hill into monster breaking bumps and off camber tree’s!!!!! The suspension kicks the shit out of me!! However the past 3 weekends I’ve found everything is great but those breaking bumps…I just pull my clutch in !!!! Holy shit the suspension works and I go faster down hills and don’t hit tree’s!!!!!!!I come into corners and just float on top of those breaking bumps like a two stroke!!!!! The engine breaking is killing me !!! So fuck engine breaking! He could ride like he does as long as he pulls the clutch in in corners. The suspension will be perfect….I hope he gives that a go…….Anyhow thanks for your time!!!! By the way…yes I know he pulls the clutch in on corners…I mean pre 15ft pick a line get settled and then go wide open..

  2. please bring this column back for 2019. This is by far my favorite analysis column from any publication. Thanks DV and Pulp!

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