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Keefer Tested: 10 Things About Fly Formula Helmet

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  1. Has anyone discussed the Fly helmet that Weston was wearing during his injury? I know he wasn’t using this model as it wasn’t released yet but were there any improvements or changes made to the chin guard and the rest of this helmet based on the damage sustained to him during his crash? I haven’t heard JT or anyone else talk about it much at all and I know most of the podcasts I listen to are sponsored by FLY Racing so i’m sure they don’t really want to highlight it, but It would be really good to understand how the helmet reacted in that crash and if the new one would be any better.

    Thank you

  2. It’s my understanding that the helmet had little to do with his injury either way. Poor guy got hit/run over/landed on right in the helmets opening, so no matter what model he was wearing wouldn’t have made a difference, but then again I wasn’t there, didn’t see it, and am not an expert on much of anything so what the hell do I know…?

    1. Yeah I couldn’t find too much info on his crash that’s why it’d be nice for Fly racing to speak on it a little being that he is a fly Athlete and he suffered some pretty significant injuries while wearing their protective equipment.

  3. Good job addressing the question on the show guys. I really didn’t know that he was actually wearing that helmet during the injury. Good to know how the helmet performed in many areas and glad that Weston didn’t get hurt worse. Price point is pretty high for sure and I’m always worried about having a crash soon after buying a new helmet and having to replace it right away so….any idea on what FLY’s policy is on this? I know other brands will take the helmet and evaluate it (radiograph it etc..) for free or a small fee and deem it re-usable or not.

    Great show I’ve been listening a while and look forward to the content weekly.

    Thank you
    David D’Souza

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