Keefer Tested

The AMA National Hare N Hound Experience

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  1. That article really took me down memory lane. I too grew up at D37 races. When you talk about the chick with the bare ass it brought back the best memory of my youth. Back in the day they used to have races that were “virgin runs”, which meant there was no trail they just hung ribbon and the race would make a new trail. I was probably 12 and I was racing a CR80 in the 125 class at one of these races. I got to a checkpoint and since it was a “virgin run” the club decided that naked strippers would be a good idea to mark the tank cards. The chick thought it was cute that I was out there racing. When I pulled in she gave me a big hug! Greatest day of my young life!

  2. Thank You Sir

    Unless you race a desert race you will never understand. You did a great job describing our mental state. God Bless NHHA and all our D37 clubs. They are all heroes in my book

    Jay Young
    Pastor D37 NHHA NGPCS

  3. Hey C.K., this is C.K. ( Chris Kallen DMC). Great write up and very true! Great to see ya return to you roots! If you ever want to come out and do a regular D-37 Dez Race, DMC would love to have you pit with us (just like the good old days)! Would love to see you and your Dad! Thanks for supporting our sport! Rock and Race on! C.K. DMC

  4. My husband is looking for videos of the 1980 desert racing in the Mojave desert from where they take off from the race. His dad brother and himself raised back those day and more. Thank you

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