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Questions About Av Gas Answered

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  1. Simple facts are that running avgas in a two stroke is vastly better for a dirt bike than pump gas and way cheeper than any ra e fuel sold. Is there a performance advantage over avgas when running race gas the answer is hopefully yes. Back in the two stroke hay day of road racing we worked with the legends at Kenny Roberts 250 and 500 gp team. They would air freight out fuel all around the world. When they ran out or the fuel didnt show up we drove to the airport and brought avgas……a knowledgeable race fuel maker is unlikely to ever recommend avgas and they trot out the attitude and low revs story. We watched Wayne Rainey and kick ass on that “unsuitable” avgas and set lap records… we ran avgas here untill the government band the use of lead for racing…. race fuel may offer more power but at any level avgas is cheep relaiable quality power at a price that no race fuel can come near.

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