The 1997 Honda CR 250 was…Good?

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  1. People get emotional attachments to their rides and feel the need to defend them. I built a 2001 CR250R from the frame up and put 2006 CRF450R suspension on it along with many other upgrades. The bike is a blast to ride and fast as heck but lap times do not compare to the ones I can lay down on my 2015 YZ450F. Regardless, another entertaining article by PULPMX.

  2. I purchased a 1997 cr250 last year (2021) and all I ever hear was how God awful the bike was, and in stock configuration it was a handful at minimum and was down right scary when pushed hard or I should say pushed normally. I did not find out until later that a lot of it was head shake, yes that’s right that stiff bastard frame had head shake. Since that time I have rebuild or upgraded everything, and almost gave up on her a few times. But I persisted and the final outcome is the single best trail bike I have ever ridden. After several frustrating configuration I settled on.(I did not have a open checkbook) most parts were purchased through haggling through OfferUp, facebook marketplace and craigslist and Ebay. But final out come is 1999 cr250 bottom end with 99 electronics, new oem 2001 cylinder with new oem head, prox piston. Has boysen rad valve, pwk air striker 38, jd jet kit blue needle 3rd clip. Fmf fatty/powercore 2. All new pro link bearings, swingarm bearings, 21″ front wheel, 18″ rear wheel with 120/100/18 tire. New bearings throughout, rebuild rear shock with 4.8 kg spring 105mm of sag. Completely ditched the stock front forks they were all flawed from factory. (Fact something was lost in translation between honda and showa) you can throw all the money you want but they will still bind up. So I installed brand new forks from 2008 crf450 that were removed when new for high-end forks for mx. Paid $250 stole them pretty much I didn’t even revalve them because of 3.7 gallon IMS tank makes up difference. But the biggest upgrade I or anybody should do first thing is install a steering stabilizer. They have bar mount kits but good luck finding frame clamp for tower. So I purchased a W.E.R. off ebay for $220 that mounts above front fender let me say this Completely new bike and will hang if not beat the rest of them no joke. So the few people I’ve heard who say suspension was the problem I do agree with them 💯 I wish I knew how to upload some pictures.

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