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“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Steel #151 2001 Suzuki RM125

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  1. Hey Tony thanks for the reviewing the 2001 RM125! I have owned a new 2003 and 2006 RM125 and they are great bikes. It is good to see the RM125 get some love after reading the reviews MXA gave it during this time. In one breathe they say that Suzuki RM125 hit a home-run with this bike and in the next breathe they dog it, it doesn’t make sense to me. I have ridden a 2003 YZ125 and my 2003 RM125 back to back and neither the owner of the YZ125 or myself could see the difference in the power and I am a vet A rider who has raced for many years. Again, thanks for the honest review!

  2. Wow Tony, another great article. In 2001 I was looking at a 125 play bike and was stoked on a Mike Brown Pro Circuit 2001 KX 125. After buying the KX 125 used for $2500 dollars; and the bike was almost brand new. A rich guy bought it for his spoiled kid who literally rode it three times and asked his dad for computer equipment. Anyway I rode the motorcycle at the “New Saddleback MC Park” at the two tracks on that small property and at Lake Elsinore MC Park. After a few rides, I took it to Pro Circuit in Corona and asked for some of the Mike Brown upgrades (engine, suspension, graphics).

    My boss at the time; former fast pro and mini cycle hero Craig Canoy offered to buy it from me as a 125 practice bike and I turned him down. He ended up buying a stone stock and ratty 2001 RM 125. We ended up going riding after work at Capistrano Honda and drove the short distance to Lake Elsinore. We ended up switching bikes and I couldn’t believe how much better that ratted out RM 125 was compared to my Pro Circuit KX 125. Craig Canoy dropped off that RM 125 at Bills Pipes and after their engine work and the suspension work they farmed out was the best 125 two stroke I’ve ever ridden. I have the 2017 YZ 125 and still think that Craig Canoy 2001 RM 125 tuned by Bills Pipes was the best two stroke I’ve ever ridden.

    Again, please keep these great articles coming Tony.

  3. Thanks for this great review! Yea , the RMs may have needed some more attention than the blue, orange or red 125s but if you’re a real MX guy then your on top of the mainstream anyhow. Having owned 2 RM125s in the 90s ..I never had any issues! I even got more hrs between top end jobs than all my buds on other brands. Always used fresh premix! If it was more than 2wks old ..I drained it an put fresh stuff in tank. Also, I only ran Bel-Ray H1R. That stuff was amazing bk then . I’ve long since gone 4-stroke & Yamaha brand.. but just picked up an 06 RM85 few wks ago. Im gonna redo it to be a monster 85cc play bike for my son & I. Had to order a new ratio rite cup ..Bel-Ray H1R an other parts to freshen the bike. Miss those RM125s tho!

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