Classic Steel

Maxxis Tires- Classic Steel #153 1987 Kawasaki KX250

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  1. Blaze, again another awesome write-up and another trip down memory lane. I really thought that the 1987 KX 250 was a cartridge fork away from being the best 250 of 1987. In all honesty, I just don’t know why in 1988, the KX 250, went from a slim beauty queen to a total pork machine with that big and fat tank / seat juncture. If in 1988, Kawasaki had added that awesome suspension and brawny motor to the 1987 chassis, Kawasaki would easily have been the champ over the 1988 Yamaha YZ 250. It’s stunning why Kawasaki elected to go from a slim beauty in 1987, to a complete and total porker the next two (1988 — 1989) years. What a shame.

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