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Kids, Dirt Bikes And Teaching A Work Ethic

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  1. Great write up. A lot of the items mentioned here are very similar in my approach to teaching more people how to ride safely & more importantly, appreciating the PRIVILEDGE to ride

  2. Great read, Kris- I can tell you from experience that your plan works! My 2 boys & I rode together for years, not only did we ride
    together, but we also did the maintenance, cleaning, etc. together as well. I had them work for the stuff they wanted….It was a
    priceless learning experience that followed them into adulthood. Some advise: If you lay down the law & they break it, you MUST
    follow through…..They need to know you mean business & you’ll pull the trigger without blinking…..Once my kid’s grades weren’t up
    to par, so I told them they weren’t riding on a particular weekend, they were bummed for a second, then the older said to the younger,
    “No problem, we’ll just go surfing!” I said, “….Oh, no…’re loading up your shit & going with me…” They did, & sat on the tailgate all
    day & watched the rest of us ride…..To this day they still talk about that….. 🙂 That was the last time their grades were less than up to
    par. They are now 38 & 41, have great lives, & still talk about those days-

  3. Great read Keefer. I am a moto dad with two kids that race part time. It is fun and teaches them a lot. My son is fast and could be very successful in amateurs (maybe not nationally) but that’s not our goal. We do all sorts of things as a family and dirt bikes is one of many hobbies. We don’t rock new bikes or all new gear–although he got some sweet gear from the KTMJRSX! We talk about safety A LOT! And I am always saying DO NOT JUMP THAT as well. My daughter is a great rider too but unconcerned with jumping big jumps. She is older and more safety minded. Long story short. Work ethic and learning to be in control of your own decisions while doing something that is definitely RISKY is going to be a big help to both of my children in the long run. Much better than video games and in a different way than other sports such as baseball and softball-which are also great sports.

  4. Excellent points on the life lessons and building a great work ethic. I just started teaching my nephew how to ride and really appreciate your approach with technique first.

    1. Great article on work and play. Keep it up all you parent and parents. It’s tough being a kid and then a teen . Best part is the family inter actions and sharing the experiences. Our kids will remember all of this for the rest of their lives.

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