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Peloton Bike Review

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  1. The reason I’ve heard for lack of a pause button is that they don’t want people pausing, recovering and then starting fresher than other people on the leader board and beating them due to cheating in that fashion. My wife wanted a peloton, and it’s hard to argue against with the amount I spend on trick parts for the bike which some would argue are not necessary. After we got it I used it way more than I expected I would. I push myself way harder than if I was going at my own workout pace. The motivation I get from the instructors to push myself out of my comfort threshold is worth it to me. I recommend you at least find a friend with one and try it.

  2. I bought a Pelaton bike at the start of the Pandemic. It has been a great tool to improve fitness as there is no junk miles during training. If you use the FTP training you can get great better gains than working outdoors due to specific programs to follow. I have lost 30 pounds, and at 47 I’m now back in the shape I was in during 30s as a local pro jet ski racer! Plus I’m gotten several Strava PR on my local mountain bike trails.

  3. Cool review Kris, I have had a Peloton since January of 2015, over 700 rides(about 8000 miles) later its still pretty cool. Also while its crazy popular now overall the company has really let you keep up with the upgrades, while my bike is original the screen was upgraded to a gen 3 which they gave you 50% off of if you upgraded. In the tech world that would be like Apple saying oh you bought your laptop 4 years ago here is your new laptop for 50% off…yeah it doesn’t happen. Just to add for moto I would say that the HIT classes and Tabata classes are great for intensity and the Powerzone classes are the real deal if your trying to get stronger on the Mtn bike for sure. I used to ride primarily at 6am which for the first few years the classes from Monday through Thursday at that timeslot were like full on races from the start; Oh and the peloton pedals that come with it have been junk since day one….get some real whatever that you run on your outdoor bikes(Shimano SPD for me) and you won’t ever have any issues. If you don’t do that make sure you the stock pedals every year as they have had lots of breakage.

    Thanks for all that you do with pulp and racerx and keep the reviews coming,

    Jason A
    JasonA85 leaderboardname on Peloton.

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