Keefer Daytime

Daytime Program: SLC 1

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  1. I made it to SLC for the race and it was great. Anyone that makes it into the night show is one hell of a rider. And then to watch the top guys pull off the jumps and rail the turns makes it that much better. Hats off to anyone that made the night show.

    Can we get Matthes vs. Ryno boxing match instead of the KTM jr’s race?

  2. 1x 450 SX Champ is so much better than 0 450 SX Championships. Unlike Kenny, Tomac is a 1 time champ. Lol

  3. Hi, excellent analysis, agree will all of this, look forward to the show today in New Zealand, a group of us have been to mx heaven California lots of times to ride and race but can’t get in contact with Stefan Elvin, just wanted to make sure he’s ok post covid, do you know, cheers John

  4. wtf cant they get American crew for the announcer Blair was great but the chic not even close to what we could have bring miss supercross back for fk sake

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