Keefer Tested

Stock, Slip On, Or Full System (Yamaha YZ250/450F)

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  1. Great read! Makes me wish I had a new bike I was shopping for exhaust and maps for! Still riding my ‘07 RM250 😂. Oh, I ride a PC Platinum with 304 Shorty, has great snappy bottom, a meaty snappy middle, and with the Shorty not a ton of top, it just kind of flattens out. In case you were wondering, Keefer. Mated with a VForce Reed system and Lectron carb, the roll on power is incredible compared to stock. Add $1k in suspension work and I don’t need a new bike to beat these kids in the beginner class.

  2. Can you Test a bills system on the 250f
    Also try doing a 125 pipe shootout with bills included

    Everyone who has them loves em, but I never see mags do the testing?

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