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“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Ink #30 “Top 10 Gear Lines”

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  1. I still have a set of the 74-94 Fox retro gear. I unfortunately don’t have the matching boots or gloves. It was a limited run. I only knew about it because I worked at Paulson’s at the time and the Fox rep was a good friend. Cool stuff! The jersey is a total throw back. Old school vented nylon!

  2. Fun stuff! Fox for sure sold the yellow/red throwback gear in 94, I recently discovered my set and sold it to a collector in Europe.

  3. Great trip down mx gear memory lane! I believe Answer’s ‘92 AK-7 lineup deserves a mention. To this day I remember how Jimmy Button’s black, magenta & yellow AK-7 gear stood out on his DGY YZ during the ‘92 Charlotte SX.

  4. No mention of Fro showing up to Glen Helen in a solid black jersey and camp pants in 97? That was the best looking Shift kit of all time.

  5. 1990 Answer Gator print…O’show in the green print on a KX500 chasing Geboers so hard for 40+2 that Eric threw up in his helmet the last lap.

    ‘Nuff said

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