Keefer Daytime

Daytime Program: Southwick

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  1. Kris, you are probably the 5th media person this week that has said Washougal is a track that favors Sexton. I invite you guys to take a look at the results over the years….Tomac has finished no worse than 2nd at the this track in his entire 450 career and has won it 3 out of 6. If you look at ET’s history at Washougal, It’s hard for me to see how anyone can claim this track would favor Sexton.

    1. Yeah I made this point last year with Tomac at Washougal. You’re absolutely right. Going back to 2010 inc 250s he’s gone 7-13-2-1-1-2-1-2-1-2 . Of note is 2014, his rookie 450 year he took 2nd. Washougal is great for him.

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