Classic Steel

“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Steel #182 “1985 Kawasaki KX250”

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  1. This is the bike that could have been the star of 1985 250 class. It was so close, yet so far. Most of the So Cal racing guys were buying the 1985 Honda CR 250 due to hop up potential, reliable motor, reliability and sweet looks. My friend Chris was the first of our group to race the 1985 KX 250. His bike was used but looked clapped out for a newly used 85 bike from that period. Another buddy John sold his 1980 YZ 250 for $900 and bought his brand new 1985 KX 250 for $$2200 out the door from Mission Viejo Kawasaki / Honda. After bringing it home and test riding it out on the street, realized the clutch and transmission were a disaster. The clutch was like a light switch, all or nothing. No slipping the clutch whatsoever. The transmission was just as much of a nightmare. The engine and suspension were decent. Compared to my older 1985 Honda CR 250, this lightly used KX 250 seemed clapped out and worn out too early. By buddy immediately sold his 1985 KX 250 for a lightly used 1985 CR 250, to which he owns to this day. The 1985 KX 250 had so much potential other than the clutch, tranny and ages too quickly.

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