Fly Racing Revel Race Roost Guard
Kris Keefer

I am usually not a chest protector wearing type of guy... BUT

Why? Because I usually don’t like anything to hinder my movement on the bike. On the occasion there is a rocky race or I know I could be eating massive amounts of roost I will wear one. That being said, there are very few that I actually like and one of those is the Fly Racing Revel Race Roost guard. They have a CE certified and non CE certified, but I tend to stick to the non CE as it is slightly lighter. The difference between the CE and non CE is the CE has a triple layer, high density memory foam in between the outer plastic and the biofoam that is in contact with the user. There is even a Revel Off-Road version that comes with arm guards and hard plastic shoulders. Depending on how much impact protection you want there is a correct Revel for your needs. The Revel is a one size fits all roost protector that is extremely adjustable. Some unique features include the ability to remove the inner foam liner or the upper front and back panels. When the inner foam liner is removed, the roost guard becomes even more lightweight and opens up some of the vents further to allow for better cooling and ventilation on those hot desert days. The Revel ventilates well even with the foam liner in place and didn't create that much added heat where I wanted to peel it off ASAP when I got back to the truck.

Also, it provides an even slimmer fit, which someone who doesn’t enjoy wearing a chest protector (like me) will like. If you do decide to take the removable liner out it does take a little patience to put back in place. Once taken off the mesh vents with the rubber liner can be difficult to get back into place, so take your time while you are doing this. If you are a neck brace guy the plastic pieces on the front and back of the chest protector are designed for riders who wear a neck brace. You can either slide the neck brace under the plastic pieces or completely remove them. Removing them is quite simple and will let the neck brace sit closer to the body instead of on top of the plastic.


 You can adjust the soft foam shoulder foam protected area via two velcro straps and the waist belt buckle system was easy to get the correct fit for my body. The foam shoulders will take some adjustment (via Velcro) to set it to your liking, but once set you will never have to adjust again. I like that the protector forms closely to my body (like its a part of me) and doesn't ever get too far away from my torso and back. With its lightweight feel it doesn't hinder my movement on the bike and stays in place throughout the day. I really like the option that I can run this protector under my jersey, but also it’s sturdy enough to run on the outside of my jersey and not look lame.

When under my jersey it doesn't appear too bulky and the padding is soft enough that it doesn't irritate the skin. The buckles are easy to snap on and off and I have yet to have any issues with the buckle system. The Revel is easy to clean and has stood the test of time from my 2200 psi power washer as well. I get tons of questions on which protector I choose and the Revel Race is definitely one of them. It’s comfortable, lightweight and protects me from that dreaded roost at Glen Helen. They come in white and black and will cost you $99.95. The CE certified Revel Race is $129.95 and is available in the same two colors.