This is a quote I have always loved.

Any idea who I pulled that quote from? I’m not gonna let the cat out of the bag just yet but suffice to say, the guy who uttered those words is just as stubborn and confident as who I am conjecturing upon at this very moment. Chad Reed.
We are on the dawn of the 2018 Supercross Series, Anaheim 1 will mark the 15th consecutive Premier-class debut for Chad which puts him (I believe), second to only The Rock Mike LaRocco in the consecutive debut category (The Rock went an astounding 17 seasons!!). Chad has 2 Supercross titles, the largest fan-base of any current racer, is revered for his frank thoughts on current events in racing and is one of the few racers who actually see's product on shelves move due to his endorsement. These few key factors all add up to an indication of why a sponsor may want Chad to line up for another year of battle but more interesting to me is what is going on...
The “off-season” in this sport seems to shrink more each year as the powers that be (cough Energy Drinks), devise ways to freshen up old ideas and monetize new ones.

Lead By: James Lissimore
Once upon a time there was the bevy of overseas off-season Supercross races and then there came the US Open which ultimately evolved into the Monster Energy Cup and now we have the Red Bull Straight Rhythm and even Press Conferences held to unveil pretty substantial sweeping changes to a basic format that hasn’t changed since cigarettes sponsored the series.
I didn’t want to express my thoughts of the Monster Energy Cup of 2017 until I had fully weighed it in comparison to this past weekend’s Red Bull Straight Rhythm. I know, completely different aspects of two wheeled racing, format and stakes but be that as it may, they are showcasing the discipline we love and many of the racers we...

It’s crazy how quickly your periphery and focus can swap without you even noticing.

Following yesterday mornings Motocross des Nations results, somber, bewildered and reeling were seemingly appropriate emotions, waking this morning though, it was another reality check and snap back to focus that have become all too common in the last couple decades.

Trying to compartmentalize the reprehensible massacre executed in Las Vegas last night is obviously difficult but I will ask that you simply pray for those who were killed or injured and their loved ones to work through the pain and achieve as much of a sense of normalcy as possible in their forever altered future. The more this shit happens, the more it seems to cauterize our hearts and numb our response and that is tragic in itself.

Back to the Track
Leading into this years Motocross des Nations, I looked at the American team as for sure underdogs. I...