The Hangtown opener was a kickoff straight out of Hell.

Lead Photo By: James Lissimore
Looking purely at the winners of the Hangtown Motocross series opener, you’d think we’d walked right out of Vegas and little had changed. Of course, Zach Osborne did not win in Vegas but we all know his chest was puffed up and the alpha dog of the 250 class was clearly the 16 on the Husqvarna. Likewise in the 450 class in Vegas, Eli Tomac didn’t win either but everybody (well, everybody except apparently Jeff Emig) was quite obviously keen to the fact that Eli Tomac was employing his “bunching” strategy. And just like the majority of the 2017 Supercross series, ET3 was the cream of the crop.

Long gone are the days of Hangtown being a rock hard, Carlsbad-esque track where dust was the only thing which rivaled the concrete-like square edged chop. In the years of late, the track has been ripped deep, watered heavily...

It was the dream scenario for a couple of series finale’s and they delivered.

Lead Photo by: James Lissimore
Every year the promotors and announcers do all they can to try to keep that dangled carrot in front of our faces from the first round to the last, in anticipation of drama and a climactic finish (settle down, Moser). Often there is very little truly at stake when we reach Las Vegas but they do their damnedest to inflate any little tidbit of drama in hopes that it could play out in a compelling conclusion.
We had only one of three titles wrapped up coming into the final round and the two left to be decided weren’t even kind of locked up, they were outright cliffhanger’s where honestly anything really could happen. Four guys with a shot at the ultimate prize in the 250 East series and the two top dogs in the 450 class separated by only 9 points. Vegas was absolutely going to pay off huge for...
Just when you thought you had it all figured out.

Was there a full moon on Saturday night? Was it like Stephen King’s Tommy knockers? Maybe the AMA was handing out crazy pills? Whatever the circumstances that led to the absolute baffling turn of events during both main events on Saturday night in East Rutherford, it was an immediate classic. More than that, it is already on the short list of most memorable race nights in the history of Supercross. There have been more title-shifting singular moments on the track that have occurred but as a whole, the bizarre incidents all add up to one of the most entertaining races ever. Realistically, it probably is in a class all it’s own. From Ronnie Stewart riding backwards in the whoops and later QUALIFYING for the main in the SAME RACE after doing so; to Tyler Enticknap on the literal verge of qualifying for his first ever main, only to be denied by Devin Raper’s Alpinestar boot getting sucked in the rear...