Two, that’s right TWO Swizcorner’s in one week but it’s not so bad for one reason.

Photos By: Josh Rud


Swizcorner can be a bit laborious at times. When races are boring or there isn’t anything compelling happening during them but as we are all well aware, there is plenty to keep my fingers tapping away three rounds into the SX series. This week though, there was even enough action to keep me conjecturing for two editions of “the Corner” as we refer to it in… well in my brain.


I headed about 3...

It figures, I go to Arenacross to write a piece on it and the sport explodes at Anaheim 2 and now my workload is doubled.


Lead Photo By: Ray Archer


James Stewart and “could-be 5X-straight” title hopeful, Ryan Villopoto may not be racing this series but there is still more than enough controversy and compelling action going down weekly to keep this series in the running for one of the most-exciting ever. Through two rounds, Chad Reed has looked to be a shadow of his former self. Even his former self as of a year ago. He had a bike issue at A1 and a lackluster Phoenix but last night when the Series...

Phoenix delivers some great racing for the lead and in the pack.


Photos By: James Lissimore


I want to get to one thing before the stellar race action up front. Chad Reed. I know there are some of you out there who are once again counting the 22 out. It’s as regular as the sun rising and setting. Every year there are sects of fans who write off Reed after one poor performance, let alone two consecutive poor finishes. It’s been proven foolish for so many years now, yet you can’t help yourselves. I refuse to be one of those people who, despite history showing otherwise, count him out and proclaim him to be finished. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed this...

Ahhhh, nothing like the smell of Supercross in the New Year.

Photos By: James Lissimore


Are you in the same boat as me? Did it feel like this off-season was the longest you can remember? Like your air was being sucked right out of your lungs? I haven’t been this pumped up for Anaheim One in a long time. It’s kinda crazy too, I mean, the returning Champ and favorite chose to sit in the cheap seats, James Stewart, an obvious title hopeful was absent as well due to a personal choice gone awry and yet I was so damn pumped for the first gate drop!



There was a shot fired and heard ‘round the world today, for those of us living on Planet Supercross, at least.


Photos By: James Lissimore


The disciplinary gavel was smashed down on James Stewarts 2015 Supercross hopes recently and the news made public today. It was to no ones surprise that it shook the industry from all corners, as it is the single most aggressive punishment ever handed down in this sport and for that matter, more-so than most professional sports. The NFL has had it’s faire share of player conduct infractions recently and after a few miss-steps in one of those cases,...