What a race to behold in the return to Seattle after a two year hiatus.

Lead Photo By: James Lissimore
I’ve watched the Seattle race a few times now and after initially feeling like I was equally impressed by both Dungey’s charge from last to fourth as well as Tomac’s ride from tenth to second, there’s an obvious superior.
Tomac attacked that moon-dust-like track surface like it was just another typical Supercross track with a smattering of ruts and a forgiving base that tempted him just enough to go to a place we haven’t seen many go in a few years. Ryan Villopoto used to do it here and there but to be completely honest, no one delivered rides like Eli did this weekend, like— yes, I am going to go there, James Stewart.
Hear me out.
What was James Stewart best at? (I just realized I am talking about JS7 like he is retired. I hope he isn’t but under...

I gotta be honest, for selfish reasons, I am really glad this situation occurred.

Lead Photo By: James Lissimore
Over the years, there is no doubt I have written about Chad Reed many times and the majority(possibly all), in my mind have been positive-- dare I say admirable; to the point of me feeling slightly convicted of “fanboy-ism”. I’ve been cognizant of this possibility over the years but rather than trying to balance the scales by manufacturing some critical analysis of Chad, I’ve written what I’ve always stamped as a truthful point of view. At times I've worried that my objectiveness may have been sacrificed without my even knowing it but following St.Louis, I am quite proud to say, my objectiveness is fully intact.
Let’s rewind all the way back to the moment Chad has been quoted as noting that sparked his anger with Ryan Dungey, the first corner of the Main in Detroit. He points the finger...
Well, I just wrote nearly half an article and couldn’t stop thinking about something else, so I threw it in reverse and here we are. A red flagged Swizcorner and a restart, behind the gate.

Lead Photo by: Spikman
I can’t stop pondering just what the heck has gone on with Eli Tomac this year. The guy starts the series floundering like he did in 2016, looking like he hasn’t figured anything out with himself or his motorcycle since Anaheim 1 of last season. We saw how he came on at moments during the Nationals but we are all too aware of the very different animal that 30+2 in the outdoors are versus the Supercross series where the riders make the bulk of their contracts.

When Ken Roczen ejected from his bike and the series, there were plenty of people talking about Ryan Dungey and Eli Tomac riding better because “Ken was in their heads”. If found that utterly ridiculous. It was plain as day to see...