The truth is supposed to set you free, yet so many will use your honesty against you the first chance they get.


Cooper Webb is one of those fiery racers who can polarize fans. He makes no bones about what it is he is feeling or wants to say and doesn’t care if you take issue with it or not. I’ll be the first to say I am in full support of honesty as the best rule, across the board. Sure it can hurt but the alternative- to posture, lie, deceive or pretend; will always end in a more complicated process which will leave your integrity tarnished and reputation sullied.


Does it...

Flipping the script when the ball is rolling downhill.


As I was typing that opening teaser line it struck just how ironic it is. Typically when something is related to be going downhill, that sounds like a bad thing because apparently, you never want to be at the bottom of the hill. You want to be the KING of the hill. You really gotta bust your ass to get to the top of the hill and as we are all well aware in this day and age; work is bad. Nobody likes to work hard anymore, it’s all about what can you do to help me reach my potential… whoa, I’m digressing again. So yeah, getting a ball to roll downhill is dead simple. It just does. 


Now I’m not saying...

When four becomes one.


You know, usually there isn’t anything like a good ole fashioned mudder to really liven up a series with bizarre results and that “anything can happen” outlook from fans, racers and teams alike, prior to the gate drops. USUALLY, this is the case but with the doors closing on the Two Two Motorsports era during the off week and… ok well I guess the fact that we didn’t get photos from the “extra wet” Budds Creek has at least a little to do with me not focusing on the action from the weekend; but I digress. I really, I mean REALLLY wanted to draw a bunch of simple stick figure drawings and diagrams to use as “photos” as I wrote about Budds Creek but that is just far too time intensive for this busy time of year for a Dad of three.


When we here at PulpMX get Cudby photos, you get a photo-based Swizcorner. It's actually a law in the 48 contiguous United States.

Photos By: Simon Cudby


Christian Craig had a great bounce-back race at High Point following a sickly result at Muddy Creek.


Remember on last weeks PulpMX Show when DV...

Believe it or not, I’m all fired up about a non-racer today.


Photos By: James Lissimore


I realize we are in the midst of a pretty heated and comparatively exciting outdoor series here in the States. Tomac may be gone but the Dungey vs Roczen battle is shaping up to be even more evenly matched than a year ago and Musquin has actually found a way to stay healthy through 4 rounds and is clearly one of two guys who is all systems go in their chase for the 250 title. Yup, lots of action but I honestly can’t force myself to pretend to be more interested in that than I am about the eerily quiet and puzzling situation surrounding Ryan Villopoto.