It’s crazy to me how many things I’ve checked off of a list I never realized I had in this crazy world.

The story has been told a time or four but for the uninitiated, my path into the world of Moto and more specifically the commingling with the top names of the elite class of professionals, was birthed with a simple email:

The email that started it all.

I was an early adopter of podcast listenership and Steve’s home-brew style was quaint but itching for a little polish. Luckily, he was accepting of my offer and over the course of a few weeks we tightened it up and before either of us really noticed, a...

It was year three for Red Bull’s Madskills MX brought to life and the event continues to deliver on intensity 40 seconds at a time, while also suffering the same criticism as year one: too long!

Lead Photo: James Lissimore

Conceptually, Straight Rhythm has always promised crazy excitement and the most intense action you could imagine on a motocross bike. Head to head races where even a single finite error could mean you’re eliminated or you just became the underdog in the best of 3 series. It sounds amazing but just like the Major League Baseball  schedule having too many games, in the Straight Rhythm, there are just too many damn races.

Think of your typical Saturday night Supercross event. In the seats or on the couch by 7:30 and wrapping up by 10:30. Three hours of nonstop action, points on the line, series momentum and careers hanging in the balance. Straight Rhythm is a one-off event that offers the intensity with none of...

Something is off with the once mega-spectacular MEC.

Lead Photo By: James Lissimore
Remember when the first running of the Monster Energy Cup came around? It was like the Superbowl of Motocross for the first time, all over again. The excitement surrounding the event was insane! It was supposed to be a super prestigious, invite-only event which would combine the best of Supercross and upscale the obstacles, send the riders out of the stadium into a more “roots of motocross” section of race track, which also worked as a lure to get top stars of the GP series to come over for the event. It all sounded so good.
We saw a few falters in that inaugural year. It didn’t really draw the GP stars, the outside “motocrossy” section never really had much of a chance of filling that description (and it didn’t) but all in all, the event really was special and served it’s intended role; as a revamped US Open and...