Who the hell is Pat Gomm?

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  1. That’s my bud. Runs a successful plumbing company in the bay area. He was fast. Won at mammoth mountain by 30 seconds over Doug Dubach one year in the pro class.

  2. Patt was fast and competed with the best on a sponsor bike not factory. We were neighbors in Fremont Ca. In the late 80s early 90s. We rode together and hung out. He was one of the best friends I ever had. Great guy. He broke his wrist a couple times and it had a big effect on his career in motocross. He also had a fulltime forklift job during his pro days. He kicked ass at san jose supercross almost qualified for main, and same at arenacross in oakland but crashed. I moved to the east coast and havnt talked to him in 20plus years. But crazy fast fun guy!!!!!

    1. What’s up Darrel, Pat used to rip back in the day. I recall him doing the scrub/whip before it became the bubba scrub. Good times and memories with the click (Pat, Murata’s, Albert, etc..) hitting all the local races and our second home at the old Club moto/PAL track in Santa Clara. I was Brian Cruz I was on 85cc, then we moved to FL in 91/92. What part of the East Coast, I am in NJ now right across the river from Philadelphia.

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