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GP’s Classic Steel #12 : 1982 Yamaha YZ250

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  1. I had race in Europe with this bike in 1982 and it was an amazing bike when compared to Maico and KTM 250 cc .
    When it appeared on the market it was the end of most european motocross brands.
    The bike was not the disaster described, the engine when new was really fast
    . In the european market it was a big successs.
    I did my best season with that bike and for that reason Ibought it again in 2013.

    The european red& white version is probably more beautiful and run faster 🙂

  2. Rick Johnson came within a hair of winning the national championship on this bike against Donnie Hansen on his super trick works Honda.

  3. A major dirtbike magazine did a comparison of the top 6 manufacturers 250s. The Yamaha got the holeshot and lead everytime against the the others. I had one and nothing gave it a race other than a Yz 490. Not any 400s, 465s, 485s or 500s. And longevity and dependability was better than any Suzuki or Honda I ever owed.

  4. I just bought mine so I hope these comments are correct. I need to do a little work to it before I can test it out. I’m so excited to ride it.

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