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GP’s Classic Steel #12 : 1982 Yamaha YZ250

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  1. I had race in Europe with this bike in 1982 and it was an amazing bike when compared to Maico and KTM 250 cc .
    When it appeared on the market it was the end of most european motocross brands.
    The bike was not the disaster described, the engine when new was really fast
    . In the european market it was a big successs.
    I did my best season with that bike and for that reason Ibought it again in 2013.

    The european red& white version is probably more beautiful and run faster 🙂

  2. Rick Johnson came within a hair of winning the national championship on this bike against Donnie Hansen on his super trick works Honda.

  3. A major dirtbike magazine did a comparison of the top 6 manufacturers 250s. The Yamaha got the holeshot and lead everytime against the the others. I had one and nothing gave it a race other than a Yz 490. Not any 400s, 465s, 485s or 500s. And longevity and dependability was better than any Suzuki or Honda I ever owed.

  4. I just bought mine so I hope these comments are correct. I need to do a little work to it before I can test it out. I’m so excited to ride it.

  5. Do you know if made it air-cooled and removed heavy radiator off top, if handled good? And if changed total motor or just put air-cooled head cylinder off older yz or hole motor change.. did this make 300% better??

  6. I have yz250j i’m from poland i live in down silesia if anyone hear something about yz250j in poland? I saw one for sale but nothing else

  7. I bought one used in the late 80’s. This was just to have something to take on camping trips to Gorman and Mojave with my friends. This bike is perfectly suited to trail ride and never failed me. I changed the back sprocket and chain a couple of times for routine maintenance and rode it to its limit. This bike had plenty of power and over all durability . never had a problem with it and would start up after months in the garage and preform exactly the same each time. The spark plug would foul periodically and had to keep a spare one with me while riding.

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