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GP’s Classic Steel #33 – The 1978 Honda CR250R Elsinore

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  1. Thanks for the information had done a lot of riding on friends bikes when my best friend came to me and said I found a bike in this barn you got to buy it so we can ride he put down 100 and the flowing week I paid 150 and I had my first bike I believe I was 16 put a lot of miles on that old beast still have it today and I turn 50 this month have gone thru a lot of bikes since then but that #33 ranks close to the top thanks again twotone

  2. I love this artifle. I was lucky enough to race two 1978 CR250R and loved them. I could never get the Fox shocks dialed in and went back two stock. I have a Suzuki DRZ400 and miss the CR so much!! Thanks, Griff

  3. I owned and raced one of these in Australia for the 1979 and 1980 seasons, before leaving the game forever. It was an ex Honda Australia team bike, sold off for $1,000 at the end of the 78 season. The stated firm rear end wasn’t a problem for me, I got used to it riding it every week. My only problem in that regard, came when I borrowed a YZ250E, which I just could not cope with, being so “soft”, too big a change from what I was used to. However, when I did quit the sport at the end of 1980, it was still very competitive with anything else on the track, the other manufacturers were still playing catch up.

  4. I raced my 78 CR250 for several years and loved it. It took a lot of work and track time but I was able to dial in the Fox Shocks and could not have imagined a better suspension at the time.

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