Classic Steel

GP’s Classic Steel #99 ’89 RM80

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  1. I can say all this is a great read and true to form as back in the day I tried all these bikes except the yz but in 89 the suzuki was my choice of bike and perfection till this day being quiet smooth and everything I every wanted from a race bike I have never had 1 like this since. I have recently bought a 94 rm80 (in march 2020) to teach my son and nephews and it just doesn’t feel the same or even sound the same. Looking back at the 89 rm80 after experiencing bigger bikes I came to realize the power was extreme all the way through the rev range so can relate to the feeling of riding a bigger cc bike very much what I felt back then as a kid.. I never knew what the hype was when everybody says the 87 rm80 was fast and the 1 to get and still dont understand that vibe.. infact on many practice tracks I raced my 89 against these so called 87 rm80 fast bikes and wiped the floor with them…
    tempted to get an 89 for my boy and ditch the 94

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