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FXR Racing: Honda MX Bike History: The 80’s

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  1. Wow what a terrific article this was. This was definitely a trip down memory lane for me. After reading this article in length, I realized I always seem to buy my Honda CR’s one year to early. I usually kept my bikes for two racing seasons. I owned the 1982 CR 125, 1985 CR 250 and the 1988 CR 250. The following years bikes always seemed to win the magazine shootouts and I was on the wrong two year cycle apparently. Anyway, keep up these awesome articles. I was a 1980’s KX owner and would love to read a similar 80’s KX article.

  2. Very well written. A wonderful treatise on the background of some iconic bikes. Found the article through a link from an 88 CR500 for sale in upstate New York. We need more good write-ups like this to preserve the history of many generations of bikes that would otherwise end up getting lost in the mix. An excellent addition to what will hopefully one day be a complete compilation if someone were bold enough to assemble an illustrated book of MX history. Thank you!

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