10 Things About The 2018 Honda CRF250R

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  1. While they ride really well, they have reliability problems, and no warranty offered by Honda uk be advised, dirt bikes from Honda are sold as seen status. As well as the clutch basket failures that are a recognised recall issue, beware of cylinder head casting faults which are not yet recognised by Honda, am currently trying to get mine replaced under the consumer act as Honda are sticking to their no warranty clause. In short my head has a hole from the waterway into the spark plug hole, which means when spark plug is removed, the combustion chamber fills with coolant. Let’s get this out there as there is a probability that others will have the same problem and until multiple cases are highlighted, Honda will continue to deny the problem leaving the owner to go a long way round a solution.

  2. 2018 Honda 250R. Bought it on May 7 for grandson. He rode it one day and wouldn’t hold charge. Cernics in Johnstown,Pa. serviced it and just got it back on Friday May 24. He rode one day and did the same. They said it was capacitor and electrical. Dropped 6,000.00 on a bike that can’t hold a charge. Is this bike known for this problem? Who needs a bike that can’t be trusted to perform? Will Honda and the dealership refund my money or give me a better performing bike? I’m very disgusted.

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