Reviewed: VP T4E Race Fuel

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Keefer Kuestions 10-31-17
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  1. Thanks for the tip Chris…the problem I am running into is that no one has ever heard of the new T4E–including my local VP fuel distributors and MX dealerships. How to get my hands on this liquid gold is the question. FYI I live in San Diego.


  2. Hi Kris,

    I just spoke to the Midwest Regional office for VP, and they confirmed that the “E” in T4E is in fact for ethanol. They added it so the fuel is 50-state legal. I recommend anyone who does not want to have ethanol in their bike to steer clear of it.


    1. From what I’ve sen over the years, all VP Fuels with an E are ethanol based to be able to be sold where MTBE and ETBE are banned.

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