Swizcorner: Crown of Shame

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  1. Exactly my thought on Ralph and Jeff. They are good guys who know this sport inside and out. But I can’t stand it anymore, I’m ready to turn the sound off and commentate the race myself. I could go on about other issues with the TV show package. Bottom line… produce this show for dirt bike/mx riders, that is your core audience.

  2. You could not be more right. Add Ricky Carmichael to the mix (he is TERRIBLE) and you have a true recipe for disaster. I’m so sick and tired of hearing Emig talk about how focused so-and-so is. I was never a pro racer, but I’m sure each and every guy on that starting line is focused. And please, if there is one guy out there racing supercross in front of 60,000 people who is unfocused on the task at hand then please point him out. And while I’m at it, please Emig, please stop talking about heart rates. Give me something else, there has to be something else, other than the riders’ heart rates. Yes, heart rates are accelerated during a race. This is not a major revelation. I continue to be amazed at how moto fans are just willing to accept this truly awful commentating. NFL broadcasters would never last more than one game if they were this bad.

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