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250SX Suspension Rules

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  1. I…I had NO idea that these rules were in place; I’ve never heard anyone talk about them! Very, very interesting.

    So…we need to either say “screw it” and get rid of rules like these that aren’t being followed or enforced, or we need to get serious about it in a sensible way. It’s too complicated to allow certain components to be works, tracking them, putting cost caps on them, etc. Just set up something like a modified “claiming” rule, but have the AMA be an eligible party to claim them. So…

    1. Create a list of suspension components that are subject to claiming. Make it easy; whole, entire assemblies like the complete shock, complete forks, etc. Don’t get bogged down in listing specific internal components, etc.

    2. Set a claiming price for each assembly.

    3. Allow anyone to claim the suspension, including the AMA. If the AMA claims it, it gets put up for sale at the same cost to anyone who wants to buy it except the team it was claimed from. This way, privateers could have access to those components – just buy them from the AMA.

    If this system is put in place, cheater teams will stop using components that they don’t want to get out “in the wild”, so to speak.

    As a former pro mechanic, what are your thoughts on this, Steve?

  2. Its pretty easy, go back to a claim rule. A rule for total bike, a claim rule for motors, and a claim rule for suspension only.
    Personally, I like the idea of a claim rule for the whole bike, especially in the 250f class. Those factory and semi-factory bikes are just way too much of an advantage over the privateer teams.

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