Keefer Kuestions

Keefer Kuestions 5/29/18

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  1. Barry…., I had a brand-new 2001 CR125 and the first time I rode it I thought there was something wrong with it. Talk about no bottom end!! Once you get into the midrange it wakes up, but after that the top end isn’t great either. Your only option is to put a pipe/reedcage on it (or pay out the butt for motor work), then re-jet it. I threw a pro-circuit pipe on mine (can’t remember the model) and it was the best mod you can do for the money. It gave a little bit more throttle response off the bottom, but mainly it added a bunch of midrange and made it pull way farther on the top end. For the money the difference was pretty huge. The only other thing that helped was to look up some trusted jetting specs from one of the big testers/magazines. I can’t remember my exact jetting specs, but I think I got them from another magazine that rhymes with Smansworld Smotocross. Now, keep that thing in the midrange or up and prepare your left foot, because you’re going to be shifting gears a LOT.

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