Pulpmx Fantasy Trends and Picks

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  1. How can you say you put in the work and then say you picked Forkner and Bogle. Forkner’s a ticking time bomb as he rides over his head more times than not, on top of that he’s an allstar so why even risk it when theres so many solid allstars with a way lower crash percentage. If he was elligible for a 100 points maybe but risking a fat 0 for a 50 point payout seems silly. Now bogle, on a regular track his points range would of been 22-30 at a 0 handicap, which doesn’t seem bad if it was his second race, but no one has seen him race so once again why gamble on a rider with such a low pay off even if he does well. Let alone if you did research you would see that bogle does a little worse at southwick than he normally does at other tracks.

    On another note I always enjoy fantasy mx content, so thanks for the article.

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