Maxxis Tires: Blaze 10 Best Hondas

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  1. I think you really picked the best looking Honda CR’s of all time. I only would replace the 1985 CR 250 with the 1986 CR 250. I had a 85 CR 250 and my buddy had a 86 CR 250 and he used to store his bike in my garage. I used to sit on my garage couch (man cave) and stare at those two bikes for hours side by side , on matching milk crates; instead of doing my high school home work. I gotta tell you, those silver rims to me were just sweetness over the gold rims. Sorry, I only like the gold rims on the 82 -83 KX line up. Still, a great comparison and please keep up the great articles.

  2. I enjoy this and would like you to create lists for the other brands. However I don’t like the video format. My time is limited and I want to read and article when I can. I skimmed this with the scroll bar as watching a 25 minute video isn’t going to happen for me.

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