Classic Steel

“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Steel Top Ten Suzuki’s

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  1. 1981 RM-125!? Would definitely be on my list. Though I do agree with #1. At least you didn’t include 1979. Worst ever…

  2. There’s no disagreement here on the ’90 RM250. Aesthetics were at a high point amongst the Big Four as they ushered in the nifty ’90s with style. Nineteen-ninety coincided with Team Green’s release of their radical perimeter-framed Kwackers–& they looked sweeeet.

  3. The ’89-90’s RM’s were THE best looking production bikes ever made in my eyes. Something about just that rear fender alone did something for me. I was a Yamaha die hard and just wanted to ride those Zooks but they didnt work for me. What a shame.

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