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Keefer Daytime

Keefer Daytime: Atlanta SX

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  1. austin stacked it three times earlier in the day , that would of slow him down a bit also, but i saw his fitness as lacking towards the end of the main. still amazing ride tho.

    1. Jared Lesher. Could be something every week given the right equipment. Watched him ride in PA and the he would do things and sections on a track that other A riders wouldn’t think of trying. It’s a shame he doesn’t get more support.

  2. First time I saw Jared Lesher racing at Fannin County MX park….I was blown away! He was 1/2 a lap ahead of his competitors…on the first lap!! Then I saw a FB ad that he was teaching a MX class at Fannin MX. Took two classes with him….learned quite a bit of technique! Being from WNC, I started to follow him on the Lucas Oil outdoor races. He faired pretty well there. But watching him Saturday night in Atlanta as a sole privateer kicking the big boys arses was indeed a treat!! The freight train of bikes behind him was crazy!! Why the cameras were not focused on “THAT PART OF THE RACE” is beyond me. Instead they were focused on 8th place!! The fight was for 5th!! Go to Jared’w FB page and view the last two minutes of the race!! He gave up fifth place on the last lap… Bummer….but still made the BIG show!! Quite a feat for a newcomer w ONLY 3 SX races under his belt!!

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