Keefer Tested

Keefer Tested: Top 5 Mods on 2019 Yamaha YZ250F

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  1. Number 1 modification in my book is opening up the airbox cover around 3 square inches. The engine pulls harder and longer in each gear. I opened mine up on the top and put a screen underneath to keep dirt clods out. By the way the filter does not get significantly dirtier, at least here in SoCal.

    1. what exatly do you mean ? did you cut the screen under the filter? or put wholes in the airbox cover? thanks

  2. Seat cover tip should say 250 at the end not 450. I did the slip on and stiff seat foam with gripper. Been running the TP map but Ill give this one a try.

    Bought the works connection lever stuff but there still in the box. I hated dealling with sand getting in the clutch adjuster last time I used the WC setup and making it hard to turn. I am liking the stock no maintenance rubber covered one. The bad the WC clutch lever doesn’t fit it.

  3. They should of lightened the crank, put taller 1st and 2nd transmission ratios. I put a R&D racing Elliptical TB on mine , and shorter silencer

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