Classic Steel

“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Steel 138 1986 Honda ATC250R

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  1. Good looking out Rye!
    Why didn’t you buy me one!?
    You ain’t right! But you are correct. Lol.
    A partner of mine heard enough of my boasting at chill gatherings around the fire pit assuming the mandatory drunkerdness.
    Then all the sudden appeared an 86 ATC 250R! Less the engine yet restorable.
    Aren’t the friends you can count on one hand the best. He says if I don’t have at least pressure washed it by our next bond fire gathering he’s throwing me in the fire.
    And that will be dinner! Guess I better go buy a pressure washer. Enjoy the 80’s rewind & for God’s sake hold on. At 54yrs young tomorrow I’m hoping I’ll even ba able to when completed.
    Best regards to you & Yours brotha.

  2. These were badass for sure. I love how you could lean into a turn and spray the back end around. That said, we used to ride with some guys on ATC250Rs in the sand dunes and kick their asses up and down and all around with our paddle tire-equipped CR500Rs.

  3. I should add that in snow, a motorcycle can’t hold a candle to a three or four wheeler. I have fond memories of towing my friends around a snowy yard on a saucer sled with our three wheeler:)

  4. Hold on a second Blaze, if the ATC90 was making 7 horsepower and assuming the 110 made 8 and then the 185 was making double that for 16 then people were modifying the 185 to double that to 32? That’s a whole lot for that motor unless they were punching them out to over 250cc. And even then it’s a lot! Was it Powroll doing this?

    I mean, a stock 250X only made 16-18 on the dyno (to the wheels).

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