Keefer Daytime

Keefer Daytime: Hangtown MX

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  1. Good job man. Any chance of doing Lakewood as a privateer? Cool story, factory pro to privateer van joe.

  2. I love it! I love the transparency! Thanks for doing this and documenting it for us. Results don’t matter you’re a bad ass just for being out there and trying!

  3. Great summary Keef. I wish you could have a track like the ones local me to practice on. In MI. They’re all the same dirt and disc/tilled deep to be practice tracks to Red Bud. Good luck next weekend! Hope you’re experience at Pala is what you’re looking for. This summary was what I was looking forward to the most out of everything this weekend. Being 42 myself, and knowing somewhat how you’re feeling, this was inspirational for me. If you’re like me, while it might now be true, you don’t feel any slower than you used to be. It’s hard for people to believe, after over 30 years of MX, I still feel like I learn something new, and get faster every ride.

  4. Thanks for putting yourself out there. I was looking hard for your results and wanted you to make the motos. So glad you are in one piece and looking forward to next week. Much respect for your parenting skills and how you want to be an example for your son. Not enough of that in this world these days. True fan keep up the good work.

  5. As always, open, honest and straight forward. There is still next weekend and you’ll be more comfy being close to home.

  6. Awesome dude!! ,but bottleneck??? Never ever follow the guy in front of you lol..Just kidding..Congrats on a challenging weekend!

  7. Thanks for sharing the experience with the world Keefer! Over the course of a couple of seasons, I helped a couple of local Wisconsin pros, Justin Wolf and Joe Dretzka, in what ever way I could, try to make some nationals . After a few attempts, just being able to walk (run) back to the truck from the AMA tent to tell them they made the motos was a victory!With all the tight time frames between the practices, LCQ and the motos, you have such little time to get it right against a slew of other fast guys working hard for same thing. Most casual fans and even close friends of these riders don’t understand this battle within the war.
    Thanks for giving some perspective on this foundational part of our sport and Go get’em at Pala!!

  8. Duuuude, I think you have a much better shot on a dry track!! I appreciate you not mentioning that and just taking it on the chin. Go get em’ next week.!!!!!

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