Keefer Daytime

Keefer Daytime: Pala MX

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  1. To me, this whole program really highlights how gnarly mx racers are.
    Thanks for giving us some context, Keefer.

  2. Keefer, Excellent work! I think I was more anxious to see what you wrote about it than how you actually did. I’ll also echo my comment from the last article, The qualifying process is harder than even well heeled moto guys understand. I’ve had some conversation with the guys Ive helped about how different the tracks develop because of it. Years ago when anyone outside the top 20 in points had to race their way in, the tracks in the morning would develop race lines instead of just fast lines because guys needed to make passes. maybe we’re seeing more slot car, one lined tracks because of it. In a bigger view, it sort of promotes all out speed over race craft. I’d love to hear you and JT discuss it.
    Anyway, thanks for carrying the torch for the “chasing the sun ” group. I think its wonderful that you made it into a lesson for the boy as well.

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