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2020 Yamaha YZ250F Start Up/Baseline Settings/Tips

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  1. Hey Kris,
    Why is the rebound setting lighter for the heavier fork springs? With heavier fork springs would you not try to slow the rebound down more than lighter springs to achieve the same result, or is my thinking backwards?

  2. How do you download the Keefer map? Do you just create a custom map and put in the same mapping numbers or can you actually download it to the tuner app?

  3. Looking to replace stock handlebars with eco pro tapers and was wondering what bend is closest to the stock

  4. Suspension: The FC 250 received a softer setting for suspension in 2020. As with most stock bikes the suspension was soft for me with initial settings. I ended up adding air to the fork and stiffening high speed compression on the shock. This balanced out the bike front and rear, gave me less of a “pitching” sensation under braking and allowed me to push harder through jump faces and big breaking bumps. Overall the suspension has very good comfort and with a couple adjustments I was able to get a good amount of performance as well.

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