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Keefer Tested: 2020 Yamaha YZ450F GYTR Tall Seat 

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  1. I have a SDG custom tall built seat that has very little saddle, but at 6’4 standing out of the corners is so much easier now. Tall guys should definitely try one out!

  2. I purchased this seat based on this review, and love it! I wish the seat color scheme was the same as what’s pictured here. What Yamaha ships is completely black. It’s also a little taller than the gas cap cover part of the seat so they aren’t flush–not a deal killer by any means but it just looks a little off. It’s a great addition to the bike though. The more level platform makes it so much easier to stay forward on the bike. I was having difficulty with the original seat because the power of the bike on accel always pulled me into the “hole/pocket”. I think I’ll slap a ribbed seat cover on and call it a day!

    1. Can you send a pic of what it looks like on your bike as I have a 2019 YZ250F and have been considering buying one but not sure I like the fact that it isn’t flush with the gas cap cover. mbrogers@

  3. Hello I see you’ve tested the tall gytr seat for the newer Yamaha’s. I’ve called two dealers and call Yamaha customer service trying to order one and nobody can get one. Even Yamaha customer service said they didn’t know why it wasn’t available.

    Any help you can give I would appreciate. It’s for a 20 yz250fx.


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