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2020.5 Husqvarna FC450 Rockstar Edition First Impression

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  1. Hi, nice review. I have to say this hole scenario is horse shit. I preordered 2 of the 2020 fc 450 RSE’s back in early January. Over $20.k I have yet to get them in and they are already outdated. Finding someone to talk to at Husqvarna is close to impossible, they provide hardly but closer to none information about their bikes. I only get my info from sources like you and YouTube. That alone is scary. Im really ready to back out of this decision me and my family are about to make before its too late.

  2. It’s good to get REAL feedback and not just some shootout or test ride where they gloss up the bike to appease the company! ALL the bikes are good, some are better, and some only need a few tweaks to get them dialed in. I like to hear what the bikes character is and how that affects the ride both good and bad. Thanks ??

  3. I just read this right now for the first time and I can tell you, this is spot on. I had a 19.5 RE and now a 20. 5 RE and basically rode them back to back. There is a significant improvement in the fork and the way the motor rolls through corners with less engine braking. The power deliver is stronger on the bottom to mid and still pulls well up top. I have a taller slightly stiffer seat foam from Guts and FMF header added when I rode both. Essentially the same bike set up on the suspension except I can run this bike 2 clicks softer on comp on the fork. 105 sag and I ended up a half out on High Speed. I can’t feel anything on the linkage but SKF seals are the best and when I had the linkage off I was surprised by the lack of drag. Nicely done, and all true and very surprised when I read this and how accurate it was. I know the wait was long but I am happy with the outcome and bike overall. I feel more confident on this bike than the 19.5. Being a Yamaha guy all my life pretty much, I had an 18 YZ450 and when I switched to the 19.5 RE I thought I made a mistake. I didn’t feel a big enough improvement between the two brands and models, both have special attributes that I liked, but I can honestly say that with the 20.5 RE I am very happy and have zero regrets. I cannot wait to ride again and am finding more time to go riding. Get one now before they are gone, you will not be disappointed.

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