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“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Steel #150 1984 KX125

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  1. You finally did it Tony, and thanks so much. I’ve been waiting for a 1982 – 1988 KX 125 Post from the days that put KX motorcycles on the map. And you picked the bike that was a game changer.

    In 1981 at the end of the year, I was riding a 1980 YZ 100 and riding in the school boy class, and I was going to upgrade to the 125 class. Everyone in my neighborhood had just bought the class leading 1982 RM 125 and I waned to be unique. At a weekend ride at the end of 1981, I was riding at my Grandfathers cattle Ranch in Tehachapi California. My cousin Tony’s Friend just bought a brand new 1982 KX 125. I marveled at that space age bike with gold rims, gold swing-arm and front disc brake. I was enamored by that space age looking bike and asked my dad for one. Since we were a Yamaha/Honda family, my dad said “no.” He ended up buying me a used, but trick 1982 Honda CR 125 from Honda’s Dave Arnold. I then kept my eyes on the Kawasaki KX line.

    Two years later in November 1983. Kawasaki hosted a corporate weekend get away and camping trip in Yucca Valley, Ca, at the popular Dust Bowl hill climb area. Kawasaki brought their new KX line of 1984 bikes to ride. My buddies and I stopped by to see some friends in the Kawasaki camp and was offered a chance to ride the 1984 KX 125. Holly smokes was it ever fast. It blew the doors off my CR 125 on a fire road and it actually kept up to my friends 1980 YZ 250, on that same dust road at full speed in 6th gear. Yes, it was that fast.

    Literally within a few months, all my local fast friend Novice / intermediate / pro riders all switched to the 1984 KX 125. In 1984, the same year Saddleback park closed, you saw a sea of change: from red (Honda) and yellow (Suzuki), to almost ALL GREEN. The 1984 KX 125, along with the 1982 RM 125, were the game changers like no other.

    Tony, you did it again, a awesome article.

  2. At my behest Tony wrote a doozy for one of my must-ride steeds. It made my day when I at last saw its entry in CS.. A running high-five to you!

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