Physiological Advantage of an E-Bike

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  1. If you are starting to work out its better start with time instead of trying to get high mileage. Classic mistake in runners and cyclist trying to go faster and longer, when yet their body hasnt build up the work to be able to do it. Just ride in your HR zone 1 and 2 for a hour in “flats”, for the first couple of weeks and when you hit the trail you wont be that sore.


  2. Thank you for a great article on E bikes. I’ve been thinking about getting one for awhile but I’m going to get one now that I understand the way that they benefit your workout .

  3. I had to comment on this article.
    At a pretty healthy 59 yrs old I just came off a YETI SB6, an amazing bike.
    My next bike will be an e mountain bike, for the same reasons you listed…. Mainly keeping my heart rate at a safe level.
    Here in Hawaii most everything is a near vertical climb, I usually do a single one or two hour crushing climb for maybe 30 to 40 minute descent….and then I’m trashed for the day….so it’s back home for coma time.
    I’m over ” suffer fests”
    An ebike takes the edge off the climbs, I get in an extra loop or two, I’ve gotten in a really good workout and I still have energy for the rest of the day.
    Although I’m no longer a road biker after being hit by a car
    twice , I can certainly see getting a regular peddle road bike for some flat road spin training.
    The fact that you’re sticking to a training program says it all, you are doing the right things with the right equipment.
    Anything that would put you into a negative frame of mind would be detrimental.
    Keep doing what your doing and tell Kefer to ” fuck off”

  4. I listen your podcast quite frequently. The one thing I think Keefer might not understand is , these are not the same sports. His argument is like saying I know you like Motocross but its time for you to start doing Gncc. I do both MTB and E-MTB and although they are both fun I get to cover more ground , climb steeper terrain and get in a lot more downhill for the same investment in time. Most mountain bikers could actually benefit from an E-bike in helping their bike handling skills. Also the added benefit of being able to better regulate you heart rate and muscle use only makes you want to ride more. I love the banter between you two though .

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