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Top 5 Mods: 2021 Yamaha YZ250F

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  1. So who has the better mapping for the Vortex…XPR or Twisted? we have Pro Circuit T6 pro and light headwork running U4. Stock Cams

  2. 35+ b/c rider here. Currently riding 2019 KTM 125sx with full Lynks mod motor. Smile factor is my #1 priority. However, I do value power as long as it is “ride-able”. How much more power would this give and would it be worth the switch? I like the sound of the “free feeling” map and torque of a 4 stroke packaged together.

  3. When you purchase the ecu. Does it come with the map Jamie had created? Im a 40bc rider. Riding against 450s. So anything I can do to add some grunt is what im looking for.
    I currently have these parts
    Slater skin
    Twin air power flow kit
    Dr.d slip on pipe

  4. Hey I’m on a stock 2022 yz250f having a lot of problems with my starts in second gear it bogs coming off the gate and can’t get a good jump and also can’t get my rpm’s up tell I’m 20 feet past the gate. Any tips?

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