Swizcorner H2 “Tracking Regression”

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  1. Agreed by 100000% . Doing 30 laps at 40 seconds isn’t a fun watch, doesn’t really showcase how incredibly talented these dudes are and the higher speeds are more dangerous. The very few opportunities guys have to make passes out of the one race line are way riskier.

  2. A 450 is simply too much for a stadium. Even the 250s are too powerful. It would be an interesting perspective to have someone like AC pull a few laps on a modern 125 to gauge the difference. I suspect it’d be in the neighborhood of 10~ seconds.

    Bottom line: If Indy cars were uncapped they’d be hitting close to 300mph on the back straight at Indy. This is why the motors are restricted. We need to look at doing something similar. Think about it: Barcia was stuck in FIRST GEAR and still pulled off a decent finish.

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