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2021 MX Gearing Set Up Guide (*Updated*)

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  1. Hi!! Guy’s
    Thanks for thé good info and reviews and the show

    What is the gearing for a ktm 125 2022


  2. Hello!! Do you make some test gearing for the Ktm 125 and 150sx 2022

    I have Bondi engine and the 125 sx 22
    Are 13-51 and I feel is very short .

    And in the corner it’s hard to control
    The power when we go full trotte !!!

    Last year I have a yz 125 21
    I change it for 13-50
    Stock 13-48

    Stock bike , just pro circuit line and apex head like your recommendation .

    And the bike have a good power and gear ratio

    I could make some test , but it’s expensive

    Thank you for your recommendation

    Is it better to use a 14 on the front and match the gearing

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