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“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Ink #29 1990 KTM Line Up

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  1. These Advertising stories are fun, good job!👍 Yea the 1990 KTMs sure look good, red frame is cool. But I really like the 1991-92 too with their ”mint green” look, even KTM had to go color crazy in the 90s.

    I think KTM design hurt them during the 90s, they changed too much between years even in colors before settling on the dark orange look in 1998 and stick to it. The same could be said about Yamaha in the 90s, before medium blue in 1998. At least you have to go back to about 1975 to have a Honda CR thats not red😊 Im a Honda guy.

  2. I was a freshman in high school when I got my 1st Dirt Rider magizine, and I remember loving the KTM ads, especially the one with all the bikes on display. I agree with you on the look of the machines, classic!

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