Keefer Daytime

Daytime Program: Hangtown

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  1. Keefer;

    1. Can you point your readers to a really good tech article or video that explains how a BFRC shock is different from “normal” real shocks?

    2. I’m probably pretty representative of a very large segment of the moto population, and also a good example of the “weekend warrior” type that reads your column. I’m not located in Southern California, I don’t go to the races in-person, and I don’t listen to the PulpMX show. When you guys start talking and writing using your “insider” jargon such as referring to Sexton as “Gisele”, I have no idea WTF you’re talking about. In the future, please write for an audience that does not “hang out” with you guys and would not know about every inside reference, joke, etc.

    Steve does this as well when he refers to Macadoo as “RAM IT”…to this day I have no freaking idea why he calls him that.

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