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Daytime Program: Freestone Amateur National (Top 5 Why and Why Nots)

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  1. Just read the article about the freestone amateur race keefer posted. I just wanted to say that it is spot on. I’m a moto dad with 2 kids on 50s and another that will be riding soon, and it’s definitely different than even in the mid 2000s when I was racing the amateur stuff. We live about 3 hours away from freestone in Louisiana so we’re lucky to be close to both Texas races. Honestly as a regular family that is just having fun, the only reason we’re able to make these races is because of how close they are. Loretta’s is the only race we try to swing budget wise to travel. On the money side it’s definitely a stress and I’m dreading if any of my kids get to the level that we have to start hitting all the big races. I’m a firefighter so for the Texas races we end up camping out for 2 weeks with me commuting back and forth to work with my wife staying. She is actually the big income earner as a Nurse Practitioner but works art time so she can take off whenever she wants. Even though we both make good money we have to sacrifice quite a bit and pretty much all of our extra income is budgeted for Moto. Sorry for the long message just wanted to give my perspective as a regular dude that loves moto. We are having to take a break from racing this year because my youngest son is battling leukemia. But we’re hoping to all be able to be back at it full swing next year. It would be bad ass if he’s able to go from Cancer back to racing and maybe make some big races next year.

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