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Classic Steel #1: 1986 Cagiva WMX 125

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  1. Funny as this bike perfor.ed much better than you article. This bike won a ton of local,national and world championships. Was a main winner of late 80’s local california chanpionships with Ron Turner, nation hare and hound/score 125 championships with duane summers and partners, many OA d37 wins with gordon ward. To say this bike want competitive is totally false.

    1. So true Ken! This bike was obviously very fast and competitive. The only truth of this review is the bike did not sell like the Japanese models! I still own a 1988 Cagiva WMX250, love it!

  2. The adjuster on the RH leg was for Rebound.

    The front caliper was a twin piston unit. A far too lightweight unit. You could watch it flex open as the lever was actuated.

    1. You are correct on the rebound being on the right and I have corrected it but you can clearly see (and it is listed as so in the brochure and tests at the time) as a single-piston front disc. I believe only Honda had a dual-piston stopper in 1986. thanks for reading.

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